Caleb’s Story

Here is a summary in their own words of what happened on October 16th, 2010 when the Browns took their trip to Fall Creek Falls.

The Brown family went on a camping trip to Fall Creek Falls on October 15th. Tim and Tiffany took two of their three sons on the trip (Colby, who at the time was age 4 and Caleb, age 2). They also had a 9 month old, Conner who stayed with family in Nashville. Tim and Tiffany were enjoying a beautiful day in the park with the boys and hiked to the bottom of Fall Creek Falls. They made it to the bottom of the falls when a large rock came down from above. Tiffany was holding Caleb when the rock struck him in the back of the head. They rushed Caleb back up the trail to get help. Caleb was airlifted to TC Thompson’s Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga, TN where he remained for nearly a month in critical condition.  From there Caleb went to stay another month at Scottish Rite Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, GA.  This blog records the events as they happened as well as the most recent updates on Caleb’s recovery. The Browns returned home December 7th, 2011 two months after they set out for their family’s first camping trip.

Today Caleb is now in Kindergarten with all the other kids his age.  He has relearned how to walk, talk, eat, play and be a kid again. He remains about 10-15 months behind developmentally, but continues to make great progress every day.  He continues with his daily therapies and still loves Thomas the Train and building his own choo choo tracks.  Tim works at a local Nashville company in marketing, as well as continues to preach and teach where God leads him.  Tiffany is a stay-at-home of 4, and is currently homeschooling their oldest son, Colby who is in second grade.  Tiffany also teaches preschool to their other two children Connor, and Chloe.

The Brown family began writing a book about their experience in February 2011, and as of today the book, entitled “God Still Speaks: The Miracle at Fall Creek Falls,” is now being considered for publishing.  Please check back to this website for more details about the publishing of the book.

Due to the numerous requests for updates on Caleb’s recovery, the Brown family has set up a Facebook page and makes regular posts daily on how Caleb is doing. You can join Caleb’s Facebook page by clicking here.

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