Day 5 – Caleb Awakes From His Coma

Caleb's Dad ~ 15th November 2010

As I sit down to pen tonight’s post this scripture comes to mind, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion,’ says my soul, therefore I will hope in him” (Lam. 3:22-24). Indeed they are new every morning. We woke up this morning in high anticipation wondering what the new day would bring. As I mentioned yesterday, our previous day of therapy was not what we had hoped for Caleb, and overall we were fearful that we might be “settling in” to where Caleb is going to wind up, that is that he is already starting to plateau and level off as far as he is going to recover. That has been a fear of ours ever since it was explained to us that people who suffer brain trauma go through a stepping stone like recovery, all the way up to full recovery. What they explained was that anyone who is recovering from a brain trauma can stop at any level. Some make it all the way to a full recovery, and some only recover a little and then “stop.” Naturally the mommy and daddy in us are pulling for every little joint movement, every little muscle flexation, every little swallow, and every little vocalization and possible eye glance we can take. We felt that insurmountable fear creeping in (the same one we felt just a few weeks ago) when Caleb seemed to be regressing yesterday. We went to bed last night the same as we do every night…with hands outstretched over Caleb, asking God to heal him completely, thanking God for the healing that has taken place, and thanking God for allowing us the grace to keep our dearly loved son. But as the scripture says, we also went to bed knowing that if there is one that that we have learned throughout this process, it is that God is our portion, and therefore no matter what we will continue to put our hope in him.

I normally try to lay out the day as it happened, but we received a piece of news at the end of the day today that is so good, and I have to just share it right now. Drum roll please…according to the head doctor on staff here, Caleb has fully come out of his coma! The news came a little earlier after I was having a conversation with Scott Arnold, news reporter for channel 5 in Nashville. He asked me about Caleb’s coma and about where he was on the scale. Some of you may remember how, when we were at T.C. Thompson in Chattanooga, they used a coma scale to rate how deeply Caleb was unconscious. The way the scale works is they rate a person from between 3 and 15, with 3 being completely comatose, and 15 being pretty much awake. During the last couple of days that we were at Erlanger Caleb was listed as being at a 10 or 11. I realized that when I got off the phone with Scott, I hadn’t heard the doctors here using the language of the coma scale. So I sought out Dr. Sholes (Caleb’s main doctor here) and asked him about it. He stated that according to his assessment of Caleb, because Caleb has become so aware and because he is doing so well, Caleb would be beyond a 15.

He also made sure I understood that just because he is out of the coma does not mean that we are not still facing many difficulties. He said that Caleb has a lot of goodthings going for him, and he has some bad things going against him. The good things are that he is making a lot of progress fast. The bad things are that his injury was centered in the vision center of his brain, so there may be some long to permanent loss to his vision. He also stated that there may be other types of deficits as well, which I am assuming he means the types of deficits that I have read about online, things like learning disabilities, inability to be “normal” with his interaction with people, being unable to “function” I society, and possibly even later issues with the brain that could worsen his condition or overall metal capabilities. So overall the news was a mixed bag—the very good news of his emergence from the coma, and the realization that we are truly on the road to recovery, and the not so great news that life for us will continue to be lived with that very uncomfortable question mark that continuously resides over us and over Caleb. It is a tension that we have come to cope with and one that continues to push us to remain in trust to God and his provisions.

Now, having said that, buckle your seatbelt gang, because we have LOTS of good news to report tonight!

The first session had us going to physical therapy with John—who has become one of Caleb’s favorite therapists. J As John worked with him we had another very enlightening session as we learned more about how to help with Caleb’s eye sight. He said that though there is nothing we can do to repair the vision center of the brain, there are things that we can do to encourage it. He showed us some techniques on how to lay Caleb down on the mat, remove any other sources of stimulation, and use light stimulation to show before his eyes for a couple of minutes. We watched in amazement that what the therapist said would happen, happened. After about a minute or two, Caleb become very irritated by the light and tried to turn away from it. He stated that what is happening in this process is that Caleb is seeing light and it is stimulating that part of his brain—the processing center that takes visual input from the eyes and interprets it to have meaning throughout the rest of the brain. Caleb, like any brain trauma sufferer, can only tolerate a certain amount of light stimulation before those broken areas of the brain begin to be overloaded. At that point, John said, we are to back away, and move on to something else, like playing with toys, etc. and then come back again to the eye stimulation later.

We were so glad to learn this because this will now give us something we can work on in the room with him that can potentially really help with his eye sight. It was also good to see Caleb focusing his eyes a little bit again. He was able to fix his gaze for a couple of seconds. We were able to take away from all this that yes, Caleb can see…something…sometimes…and when we hold us the little light-making toy that tiffany got from Walmart, he looks at it for a couple of minutes and then looks away–all good signs, and something to give us hope that like all the other things that are slowly coming back, then perhaps his sight will someday come back as well.

The other technique that we were taught today had Caleb in an all-fours position, with him up on his knees and his hands outstretched down below him, in an almost push up like position. Again this is very difficult for Caleb to do. And as John was bracing him, keeping in that uncomfortable position, Caleb wept. Our hearts cried right along with him, as we know that this is so hard for him. And we also know that this has to be so scary for him. We know that he has become much more self aware and that he has become cognizant that there is something wrong. In his mind he remembers the things that he knows he should be able to do, but he also now knows he can’t do them, or he can’t do them without a lot of difficulty. And like anyone who would experience such difficulties, he sobbed. The therapy ended there, and ended with him, being swiftly cuddled into moms loving arms, where eventually the tears reduced to an occasional sniffle, and then to a sad, and very wet little red face.

After he calmed, it was time to begin occupational therapy. Whereas physical therapy focuses on the big picture, the actual muscle toning and strength of an individual, things like being able to hold yourself up, gain strength to use arms and legs, occupational therapy focuses on fine motor skills, specific things like walking, picking up things, sitting up, etc. And the topic for today’s session was all about sitting up.

After some mild warm up therapy of playing with toys—focusing on things like reaching, grabbing, holding this, pushing buttons, etc. and concentrating all of those things on his left side (to stimulate the weaker side of his brain), we then moved on to some of the bigger things. The first thing Kristin (another one of Caleb’s favorite therapists) did was lay Caleb on his tummy with his legs straight behind him. She then moved his left knee outward, placing her hand firmly in his hip. She then turned his hips to the left, and placed her hand under his right shoulder and began to pull upward. The idea was to encourage the natural movement of getting up after being in a laid down position. What she wanted to see was Caleb place his right hand to the mat and push upward, moving his body into a natural sit up position. We were gleeful to see Caleb move just like normal. He put his hand down, positioned it, and pushed with all his might to sit himself up! We all shouted hooray! Caleb smirked a little grin…which is not unlike our little Caleb, who loves to be praised. J Mission accomplished. He knows how to sit himself up from the right side. But can he do it with the left? That was the big question, as every indication thus far told us that he was very weak in his left side and that it would most likely take a lot of work to get his left side to do the same kinds of things as his right side.

So yet again, she laid Caleb on his belly, feet outstretched. She then performed the same movements on his right side to encourage his left hand to brace himself on the way up. We were shocked! He placed that little hand down on the mat, and with all his might pushed himself up! Again the room erupted in a shout of hooray! Caleb didn’t kick us a grin this time, but his face was as pleasant as could be. He knew with all the praise he was doing something right, and he loved the attention he was getting because of it. To summarize the rest of the session, not only did he brace himself and help to push himself up with both his right and left hands, but he also did the same as she tried the technique in reverse to lay him back down to the mat. Another success for our little man, and another opportunity to impress his teachers!

We finished out our time letting him practice walking which you can tell he loves. He wants to walk and be back on his own two feet again. Five days ago it took two therapists to position his very limp body into the motions of moving and walking, and now just a few short days later, he only needs one therapist, and even she is not having to fully support him. She said that she was going to try another technique with Caleb to help in the process of learning how to walk, a method where she puts braces on his feet to keep them in an “L” shape. What happens is when Caleb starts to put one foot in front of the other, his feet get hung on each other because he is not strong enough yet to pull his foot up…so it drags the floor a bit, unless he overexerts and throws his foot high in the air to make it land in front of him. The brace, as it was told to us, takes that part of the movement out of the equation and allows for him to practice one movement at a time. And once he gets that movement (the movement of the hips to put one foot in front of the other), then we can work on the other for a full range of motion with walking.

After this we went to Speech Therapy, and again as I have stated before this is Caleb’s absolute favorite therapy. Why? Because he gets to eat! J We started off with spoonfuls of water again, and quickly went up again to small bites of apple sauce. The therapist told us that she has been thinking a lot about Caleb and about his ability to swallow, and she told us that she thought that since he was doing so good with his eating that they were going to do a swallowing study on him tomorrow, and if he passes, then they are going to go ahead and change his diet to a pureed diet. What they hope to do in the near future is get to a point soon where Caleb will be able to have at least 2 servings of pureed food by mouth per day—something we would be able to do with him in his room.

So after about 20 yummy satisfying bites of apple sauce, we were done with our morning therapy, and our little tuckered out Caleb was ready for some down time—mommy singing to him, reading books, and off to sleepy town for a little nap.

It didn’t take long for Caleb to have his appetite teased again, as when he got up from his nap it was time to go to his second speech therapy for the day. The therapist had told us earlier that they had wanted to push Caleb in their second session, and so this time around we were pretty much going to go straight to the applesauce. And instead of the smaller more tongue tasting portions that he had been given, she was now going to dip the spoon deep, and pull out some heaping Caleb size quantities! To this Caleb was ready for the challenge, and with every bit she didn’t even have time to see whether he had swallowed. It was down and gone that fast. Gan Gan’s corn on the cob and chicken, here we come!

Now here was the big news with speech therapy today. He was eating and loving the apple sauce so well, in now time he had ate half of his cup of apple sauce without any coughing or choking. We’re pretty sure he could have eaten the rest of it if she had let him. But as they say, baby steps. J There were some other notable accomplishments as well, like for example he was able to suck from a straw, this time very well (actually a little too well. He went to town on it and tried to drink a little too much too soon, and got choked up a little). Another milestone that happened was when he was being fed, as me and mommy were encouraging him and prodding him along in his eating, he actually fixed his gaze on mom for about 8 seconds, and then fixed his gaze on me, again for about 8m seconds. That was great, and the therapist made note that he had did that. Again, way to go Caleb!

After filling his tummy with applesauce and apple juice, it was off to see Mr. John again to work on some more physical therapy. In this session we worked on Caleb’s eye site with some light therapy, as well as with his balance as John sat him on what had to be the biggest bouncy ball I had ever seen. Sitting there with a mirror in front of him, John began to bounce him up and down. Caleb was a little concerned about his whereabouts and went along with it, albeit begrudgingly. Matters seemed to get better a bit when Caleb was visited by two clowns who came in playing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round,” as he was in full gallop on the bouncy ball. Caleb seemed to like the music and at least for a time, his look of chagrin turned more to an “Ok, this ain’t so bad” kind of demeanor.

After PT, it was again time for OT. We warmed up again with a few toys and light playtime. But the fun really began when the therapist decided that she wanted to push Caleb with his walking skills. She then had mom get in front of Caleb, to be the “prize” of his short journey, and as she braced him from behind, he again began to make the movements of walking. The difference this time was that Caleb was not going to walk the usual 5 or 6 steps to get to mommy. No this time he was going to have to walk in a circle, nearly all around the room. And the result? He did it with flying colors! He struggled but with each encouraging tap on his leg, and each loving praise from his mom and dad, he made every effort, filled his tiny legs with all the energy he could muster, and he moved each leg in front of the other, and he walked….and he got his prize.

Next it came time for dad to get his heart filled full of joy. Now to set this up, you have to understand, we live in a tiny little condo on the outer edge of Antioch with a postage stamp size back yard. So we make use of every little bit of living area we have and we use a whole lot of imagination to make up for the difference. So with that said out little hallway that connects the living room with the kitchen is a racetrack for Colby and a soccer field for Caleb. For Colby we have had countless “races” with his cars up and down that little hallway, and with Caleb, for him its all about playing ball. And I have to say, it is with tears that I write this because honestly I LONG for those days again. It just hit me like a ton of bricks just how long we have been doing this, and how long its been since we sat down in that hallways and played. But here is the amazing part. I got to sit on the mat, legs open, opposite Caleb with his legs open, and for the first time in over a month, we played ball. The therapist and my wife were on his side telling him about the ball in front of him, picking up his hands and positioning them around them ball, and then making the motions of throwing it toward me. I would in turn go through the same motions, say the exact same kinds of things that I always said to him as we would kid and play around in that hallways. Oh how I loved playing ball with him. I don’t know if he understood what he was doing (he did have a pleasant look on his face), or if he was even able to see the ball, but I think God gave me that moment in a little way for me. I needed that. I needed to play with my son in a way that is so special between me and him. Again, I long for those days.

After this we had a very special session with Kristin again, as we had had a call from channel 4 news from Nashville as they had wanted to do a follow up story on Caleb. So we went into a special room where they could do the taping, and for about 20 minutes Caleb had some more PT as the news crew filmed. I just saw the news story tonight, and thought they did a pretty good job. I have been asked why I continue to talk to the media about Caleb. I always reply the same. At first I had a twofold purpose in talking to the media. One the investigators told me that if I did it, we might have a better chance of people coming forward to talk about what happened that day at Fall Creek Falls, and catch the people responsible for the rock falling. And two, I wanted to get the word out about prayer. And so even though we may never know who actually caused the rock to fall, I still want to get the word out about prayer. God made it very clear to me through a long series of events that could not have been coincidence that he is doing something through Caleb, and that he wants Caleb story told. So I am trying to be obedient to that call, and I am trying to get Caleb’s name lifted before the throne of God as much as I possibly can. I remember joking with Jason McKaig (who had camped next to us at Fall Creek Falls, and who became a champion for getting the word out about prayer after the accident), that with as many people who are starting to pray for Caleb, we are going to get God’s attention on this one! But in all seriousness, it is not about the number of prayers so much so as I simply want him to be prayed for. Prayer is what I know and I know it works and I know that God hears his servants. So if you hear about Caleb and you would not mind praying, I ask that you pray and continue to pray.

After Caleb’s interview, he again went for some nap time with mommy. And here is where we saw some more miracles! I am not sure what it is but Tiffany and I have seen Caleb do more in our nightly evening session than we see him do with the actual therapists. Again, as I said in a previous post, one of the things that we do as a routine at home is when I get home from work, we eat, and then we get on the floor and play with the kids for a couple of hours. So getting on the floor is not only something Caleb knows but it is something that he really loves. And so as Caleb was still shaking off his little sleepies, I whispered into his hear, “Hey buddy, wanna play on the floor with daddy?” With that his eyes became larger, fuller, and clear, and he began to move his body. Oh yeah! He was ready! J

So we got on the floor and began to play. And what we did with play time is we have incorporated the various therapies in our play time. We mixed in some of the things that we are working with him on, and we also have mixed in some other things that we think are helping as well. So instead of him getting two blocks of therapy per day, with us working with him, he is getting three. Now here is where it starts getting great…

As we were playing with the toys, we worked with him on using both hands to reach and grab for the toys. And though he did minimal reaching, he did a great job on grabbing and holding. In one instance we placed a drum in front of him and placed the drumsticks in each hand. Once he was able to get a good grip on both on them, I motioned is arms to let him hit the drum. He loved it! The fact that he liked hitting the drum made him want to hold on to the drumsticks even more! And during the times when he would drop a drumstick I would make him pick it back up. So I would position his hand down by the drumstick that was laying on the mat and encourage him to pick it up. And he did! He reached his little fingers around the stick, and after thinking about it for a moment he would pick it up. And not only would he do this with his right hand, but he would also do it with his left. We then worked the same technique with a stacking cups toy. Again he did wonderfully. He stacked (with help) with both hands, and he picked up (with help) the ones that fell to the ground.

We then dimmed the lights and turned on his light toy. We were so happy to see him fixate his gaze on the light!!!! And just as his therapist John had told us, he did it for about one or two minutes, and then became very annoyed with it. As John said, he was overloaded. So we put it down and moved on to another exercise. And when we did nothing could prepare us for the things that we were about to see next. Caleb was sitting right in front of me on the mat. I was closely behind him giving him support as he was slightly leaning on me. He had toys down beneath him and was playing with them a little bit with his hands. I noticed as he was playing that he was not really leaning on me all that much. He was pretty much sitting up all by himself. So I had the idea to move back just a little and see what happens. So I scooted back and I have to tell you, it was marvelous. He realized that I had moved. And instead of falling back as one would do without control, he strengthened his back and sat up….all by himself! After a few seconds there was a moment where he was a bit wobbly, and instead of giving up and collapsing back on daddy, he really strengthened himself and actually used his back muscles and hip muscles to correct himself and sit back up in an upright position. I have to tell you, it was only two years ago when we were celebrating these very same milestones with a much younger Caleb, and here we were celebrating them again, in rapid succession. I hope we weren’t too loud for the patients around us, but we were shouting for joy. Our little guy had made a major accomplishment.

Since we were on a roll, we decided to try the exercise that he had done so well with earlier in the day, with letting him practice getting up from a laying down position. In short, he did it again, perfectly…with both arms. But again, nothing could prepare us for what Caleb was about to do next. We positioned him on the mat for tummy time. And what I had intended to do was an exercise we had been taught that was meant to encourage Caleb to get up on all fours, with his elbows and knees on the ground. So I pulled up his knees and positioned them under him. And then I reached under his chest and applied a very light and gentle pressure to give him the idea that I wanted him to start making the effort to push up into that position on his own. With that he responded and pushed with all his might. But here is where he surprised us! When he pushed up with my help to get his arms positioned right, he didn’t stop there, he kept on going! He pushed up and then sat upright onto to his knees! Again…the people around us must think we are really religious because it had to have sounded like a praise service coming out of our room. J We were so blown away at the motivation and the renewed strength that we were seeing.

After this we practiced walking again (which he did great with). He stood up for a long time as I helped his legs stay braced, and played with mommy for a long time. I barely had to brace him at all, as he has regained a lot of his leg strength for standing. After this we had some more water play time, and not long after this it became pretty clear that he was tuckered out. Next on the list TV time.

We got him in his jammies and turned on one of his favorite cartoons, Mater Tales. We turned on the TV with the intention of letting him have some down time, we mom and I also got a little down time and got a little to eat. And while we were eating I noticed that his eyes were completed fixated on Mater, and fixated for a long time. Out of curiosity, I remembered something from one of the therapists when they said that if it looked like he was looking at the TV, a way to test whether they can see it or not is to go up to the TV and turn off the volume. If you turn off the volume and they still watch it, then it means that they are not relying on their auditory input to fixate on the direction of where the sound is coming from, they are actually seeing…at least something that is catching their eye.

So I went over to the sound control and turned it off. He kept watching. I turned it back on and studied him a bit. I then had the idea, “I wonder what he would do if I turned the TV off.” So I pushed the button and turned off the TV. Immediately he started looking around with a look on his face of “What happened?” I turned it back on, and he eyes went right back to watching mater. I turned it off a second time. This time I laughed out loud, because this time he looked right at me, and if I know my son, the look he had on his face was like, “Dad, that s annoying, quite doing that.” I laugh now thinking about it. Is he seeing? I believe so. Is he seeing well? I don’t know. Are the prayers that people are praying for his sight working? I believe so, and I pray that they don’t stop praying.

After Mater Tales, Caleb was pretty sleepy. We had our nightly call from Colby and had a chance to talk to him about his day. It was good to hear that his day was filled with lots of laughs, lots of fun, and lots of playing. He told me as he always does when I get on the phone with him, “I miss you da da… I love you da da” I returned the feeling with my own sweet saying of love. And then as I was speaking to him over the speakerphone, I glanced over to Caleb and noticed that he had started to cry—not a crying of pain, or even a crying of not being able to do something that he knew should be able to do. This was a heartfelt cry. I asked Colby if he would like to speak to his brother. Colby very excitedly said “Yes!” I reminded him that Caleb cannot talk but that he could hear him. So I held the phone up to Caleb, and Colby said, “Hi Caleb. I miss you. I love you Caleb.” And with that Caleb wept. I could do nothing but comfort Caleb with a hug. I knew that in his heart he felt such a love for his brother and wanted to be able to talk to him, to interact with him, to play with him. But he couldn’t. I really hurt for him watching him cry. My prayer oh Lord is that you will restore him fully and reunite his heart with his brothers, so he might be able to play with him once again.

And so we close another day…another good day…no…another blessed day, where God has given us the grace to be able to see our son go far beyond anything that we or his therapists cold have ever expected. And as I look over at my son right at this very moment as he lays there, alive before me by the grace of God, I cannot but say, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is God’s faithfulness. The Lord is and will remain my portion. Therefore I will hope in him. Goodnight.

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  1. Leesa Wright in Hixson Tn

    November 16th, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Ok, I was doing pretty good holding it together until I read the part about playing ball with him and then the part about crying when he was talking to Colby. Oh my. My heart is on the floor. I just can’t imagine….It won’t be too long before everyone is together again as a family. God is doing some amazing things with Caleb.

    When my son was recovering from his head injury I would tell everyone that it was like watching a newborn in fast forward. We did get to celebrate all those milestones twice! Every little move was a gift. I can still remember the first sound we heard from him!

    He also favored one side over the other but a month of OT and PT fixed that. It probably won’t be long before Caleb is using one side just as much as the other.

    I am so happy he is doing so well. I knew he would get down there and do spectacular things! Can’t wait to see the next update! He is going to be running circles around you both!

    Much love and big hugs to all of you and many prayers

  2. Kelly Young

    November 16th, 2010 at 1:51 am

    I am so excited about Calebs progress today. This is such wonderful news….I just want you to know that we are still praying for you, and I want to encourage you not to give up. You wrote that the doctors said he might not ever fully recover, well I don’t believe God has brought him this far to leave him. I know that there is some wonderful doctors and therepist working with your baby, and sure they know alot, but they only know what science shows them. You know the Creator, and the Creator knows you and the body. He created Caleb, and I am standing with you and believeing for a complete recovery. I believe that God has a call on Caleb and that this accident that he has suffered is going to be a GREAT WITNESS of what God can do. I believe that He is going to heal him completely, and that he will do it in leaps and bounds, look how far He has brought him already. I believe Jesus has placed His healing hand on Caleb and Caleb will be completely restored. Eyesight, speech, coordination, the whole mind and body completely healed and working 100%…The part about Caleb crying when his brother talked to him just ripped my heart into, I pray that they are reunited quickly and can once again share that brotherly love, you know love can do some amazing things. You are always in my prayers Caleb and your family…God Bless and Godspeed with the recovery

    • Terry Qualls

      November 16th, 2010 at 10:03 am

      I agree 100%! Don’t let what the doctors said (although I know they are well meaning) get into your spirit. Believe, believe, BLIEVE! Caleb will make a full recovery. It lifts my spirit to read about how well you and your family are doing GOD IS SO GOOD! My prayers are for you all everyday.

  3. Jennifer K in Griffin GA

    November 16th, 2010 at 1:55 am

    I’m so excited to hear of the progress that Caleb is making. The Lord truly has him in the palm of his hand. The progress you are all making is astounding. I’m so glad to hear about how proactive you are in his rehabilitation, it’s so important for you to be there with him in his time of struggle. I can only imagine how important it is for Caleb to have mommy and daddy at his side through all these triumphs. May God continue to bless you all, and may He continue to let Caleb keep on amazing everyone with his progress.

  4. Kelly Young

    November 16th, 2010 at 1:58 am

    I am so excited about Calebs progress today. This is such wonderful news….I just want you to know that we are still praying for you, and I want to encourage you not to give up.

    You wrote that the doctors said he might not ever fully recover, well I don’t believe God has brought him this far to leave him. I know that there is some wonderful doctors and therepist working with your baby, and sure they know alot, but they only know what science shows them. You know the Creator, and the Creator knows you and the body. He created Caleb, and I am standing with you and believeing for a complete recovery.

    I believe that God has a call on Caleb and that this accident that he has suffered is going to be a GREAT WITNESS of what God can do. I believe that He is going to heal him completely, and that he will do it in leaps and bounds, look how far He has brought him already. I believe Jesus has placed His healing hand on Caleb and Caleb will be completely restored. Eyesight, speech, coordination, the whole mind and body completely healed and working 100%…

    The part about Caleb crying when his brother talked to him just ripped my heart into, I pray that they are reunited quickly and can once again share that brotherly love, you know love can do some amazing things. You are always in my prayers Caleb and your family…God Bless and Godspeed with the recovery

  5. Chuck Payne

    November 16th, 2010 at 3:46 am


    I have read this over and over this morning and I must say, your closing paragraph is such a living testiment to God’s Love. I can’t read it without the tears flowing, as I read,

    “And as I look over at my son right at this very moment as he lays there, alive before me by the grace of God, I cannot but say, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is God’s faithfulness. The Lord is and will remain my portion.”

    I am filled with such joy; Joy for the Blessings of my own family and the Joy of ALL that God is providing for yours. God Bless You, brother and know that we continue to offer our vigilant prayers for your son.


  6. Shannon E. Daniels

    November 16th, 2010 at 4:18 am

    Wow. My reaction is so similar to Leesa’s … I actually thought I’d get through this day’s post without tears … until you spoke of getting to play with Caleb in a way that was familiar to you both. And again, when you spoke of Colby and Caleb’s communication. Your family reaches out and speaks to so many of us! By the way, a third reason for media coverage and web site updates that is so very vast you can’t imagine is all the people for whom Caleb, with God’s help, has restored faith in prayer. =)

  7. April Camacho

    November 16th, 2010 at 5:23 am

    WOW! Is all I can say! Caleb you have came a long way little fella! You keep up that good work, The last paragraph is so heartbreaking, It would be so great for caleb to play with big brother. ;) Caleb I hope you will soon be back with your Bubby! We love you lil caleb! April Camacho and Family Sparta TN

  8. Ruth Ann

    November 16th, 2010 at 5:23 am

    The first thing I do every morning is read your blog. I often awake during the night and feel tempted to get my laptop to see if you have updated the day yet. I fight the urge and wait until the morning, but always use that time to pray for you guys as I lay there awake wondering about the day. This week I have focused alot of my prayers on “thanksgiving” and being thankful for all the progress that Caleb has made in a week. It is truly amazing! I am so thankful he is out of his coma, that he is making such wonderful progress, and that he is giving signs of hope and encouragement to you and Tiffany. You both are such wonderful parents, and Caleb is so blessed to have you, as you are to have him. I pray specifically for his eye sight every day, and will now also pray for the ability to interact more with both of you and also his brothers. My heart broke this morning for him as you told about his tears when his brother talked to him. I can only imagine what he must be thinking, the frustration he feels, but I also know that the God who gives us peace that passes understanding, will also give that to Caleb….maybe even more so. The Lord has such a soft spot when it comes to children, and I can’t help but believe as Caleb wept, so did the Lord. May you receive more encouraging news today and blessing poured out all over you! We love you guys and hope to see you again soon.

  9. Lisa Welch

    November 16th, 2010 at 6:34 am

    I want to start out saying my heart is so happy that Caleb is doing so much better..I have not been one that has prayed very much ,
    but that being said ever since I have heard of what happen to this baby I have been praying for him. There is sometime about this child that is pulling me toward the lord again. Well just wanted to say that and tell you I will be praying for you Caleb.

  10. Heather Centracchio

    November 16th, 2010 at 6:38 am

    Wow. Reading these early in the morning before the kids wake up has been my daily dose of emotion! I believe as you do that god is working through Caleb.. non believers see this miracle that he is going through and that has to touch them in some way.
    I really admire your family’s faith and strength! Most people would be quick to be angry and blame this on god.. I don’t believe in blaming god for the bad when we know Satan is the bringer of chaos. I believe god wants so much to protect us, but as with JOB sometimes terrible things happen. The promise we have is though the road be terrible and we want to give up the fight if we stay close to him he will stay close to us.
    The reason I have given a short sermon is to say that through Caleb and your faithfulness and love for god even in a time when most would be angry.. that is such a testiment to those who see your story.
    It shows a true christian spirit.. and your story will help others find that same spirit. I myself am so moved by it… I do believe Caleb will heal completely. If god showers downs blessings for our faithfulness then your family had better get an umbrella! Can you imagine how different things may be if you had been angry and given up on god three weeks ago? I think this is a story that needs to be heard!

  11. Tammy Cagle

    November 16th, 2010 at 7:24 am

    Tim, All I can say is GOOO CALEB. What an amazing post. I can say it was well worth the wait to read this one. What an amazing day you Tiffany and Caleb have had. I am sure days like this make days like Sunday more bearable. I was so worried after your day Sunday. This post is another reminder that God is hearing all the prayers that are going up for Caleb. I don’t think I can pick a favorite thing about this post. I was so happy that I cried through the entire thing. It is such a miracle that he is with you after such an accident, and for him to be making the improvements that he makes on a daily basis is a true testament that there is a God in Heaven. If there is anyone in this world that doesn’t believe that there is a God needs to read Caleb’s story. Little Caleb is a true miracle touched by the hand of God. I know I say this all the time to you but, THANK YOU for sharing Caleb with the ones of us that have never had the privilege of meeting you or your family. In a way, I feel like I am getting to know you and Tiffany as well as Caleb. Keep praying and praising God for his many blessing you have received and ALL THE MORE BLESSING STILL TO COME. Prayers still going up in New Johnsonville for all of you.
    I will be mailing your package 1st thing in the morning. I know that I have 1 toy that you already have. The light toy that is in your 1st pic of this post:-).
    Tammy Cagle

  12. jerry & betty patterson

    November 16th, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Thank you again for hearing our pleas and petitions on behalf of Caleb and the family.
    Please continue to touch Caleb that he continues to improve,
    and we pray for the amazing strength we see in Tim & Tiffany
    that all may see.
    We thank you in the Name of The Lamb of God – JESUS.

    (Thanks to the Brian & Becky for bringing me a Caleb’s Run T-Shirt.
    I’m wearing it today!)

  13. Cheryl Green

    November 16th, 2010 at 8:55 am

    I teared up several times reading your post. Tears of joy & thankfulness! Please know that you, Caleb & your family is being prayed for in Murray, KY. I think I’ve posted this verse before. But, I have it sitting on my desk & it so applies to your situation. ” The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still. ” Ex. 14:14
    May the Lord bless you & keep you. May His face shine upon you & be gracious unto you. Praying for restoration of eyesight & continued improvement. Praying for strength for your family.
    Cheryl Green

  14. Diane Harris

    November 16th, 2010 at 8:58 am

    I tried to stay up last night in order to be able to read your post, but couldn’t. Now I’m glad. By waiting till this morning, I was able to savor every word and rejoice in every victory and offer prayers as I read. God is doing amazing things through your faith, your long-suffering and your blog. I pray that Caleb will see Colby soon and that Colby’s presence will produce more amazing results. There is something so special about a love between siblings. May today be as amazing as well, and may your continue to feel the Peace that comes from so many praying for your family. Grace and Peace.

  15. Dayna Sykes

    November 16th, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Thank you Tim for posting these updates every day. I look forward to reading them and get very disappointed if I don’t get to read it at times. It’s so wonderful to see God’s blessings on Caleb and your family every day. You guys have a special place in my heart as you have for a long time. You have helped my family (Mike) and I wish I could do something more to help yours. We will continue to pray and pray for Caleb until we see him reach his full potential- which we pray is back to that same ole’ Caleb. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you all again!

  16. Kenneth Tice

    November 16th, 2010 at 10:23 am

    It’s very exciting to see the progress that Caleb has made and continue to make. I could make a comment about Dr. Sholes, but I refuse to. Hearing your story helps myself and my wife put things into perspective. We appreciate the information in case one of our own children (or anyone’s children) would suffer from a similar injury. Your attention to detail and ability to express it on your website/blog is impressive and touching. Your description to the ending of day 5 (where Caleb wanted to talk to his little playmate…brother Colby) sent tears down my face. As we pray for you in Indiana (and across the world) rest assured, the days ahead will be even better. Your future looks bright. God Bless! -Cousin Kenny.

  17. Tammy Shaver

    November 16th, 2010 at 10:28 am

    Wow….I look forward to each post you put up and I read everyone of them with tears in my eyes. I feel as though we are walking through this with you guys and I appreciate every post keeping us updated. I have faith Caleb is going to make a full recovery….there have just been too many signs from above to have me feeling anything less. I changed our church sign a little while back with Caleb in mind…it says Prayer works! It’s all I can do not to put this website underneath it for people who need that little touch of ‘evidence’ to help them believe as I do. God has a tremendous plan for this baby boy someday…..I may not be around to see what it is, but it’s going to be unbelievable. Keep up the good work Caleb and may God continue blessing you and Tiffany, you guys are amazing parents.

    much love and prayers to your whole family,

  18. November 16th, 2010 at 10:32 am

    I must say that I look for these updates each day. It is so exciting to see little Caleb contuniuelly inprove each day. Our God is so good. Following Caleb brings back so many memories of my daughter. I give thanks to the good Lord everyday for what he is doing in Caleb. Keep telling Caleb’s story. God is using him to bring glory to his name. Your whole family is a blessing to me. Little Caleb, I love you. Keep up the good work you are doing. You have come a long ways. Pretty soon you will be back home with your brothers. I am so proud of you. Keep doing a super job.

    Anne Harrell

  19. April Roberts

    November 16th, 2010 at 10:35 am

    I am very moved by this post. I have been following Caleb since about 1700 friends on facebook. I myself am a PT and love reading his daily updates and what he is doing in therapy. I am not a pediatric therapist, but know how awesome it is to work with kids and it seems they are doing such a great job with him. Caleb is such a special boy and the Lord is so very very good. I am originally from Pikeville, TN near Fall Creek Falls. I have hiked that trail many times to the bottom and never once thought about something falling on top of me while I was down there. I am so very sorry that happened to Caleb. Fall Creek Falls has many great memories for me and my family and I hate that it has a negative memory for you guys. I am truly strengthened as a Christian by your constant faith and reliance on God. You guys are the PERFECT example of faith, hope and love not only for your precious children, but also every SINGLE person that follows Caleb. Even though it’s not an easy adventure you have encountered, this testimony has reached so many people and in it’s own way has developed a “reason.” I know that Caleb will take this experience with him forever and his testimony will live on as he may want to inspire or do charitable works kids that suffered similar things as he did. Caleb and your family remain in my prayers as well as the staff working with him. This recovery will be a long road, but stay strong and be a great cheerleader for your son. I can’t wait to keep reading and see him walk!!
    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13

  20. Nicole

    November 16th, 2010 at 10:39 am

    As I write this I pray to our amazing God that He will have His hands totally and completely on you , Tiffany and of course Caleb and your complete family. That He will give you guys the strength you need at this moment .
    You have one amazing little man. Thanks again for keeping us up to date.

  21. Shirley Frazier

    November 16th, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Thanks so much for relating the information about Caleb. I have prayed for him since the accident happened and love to read about his progress. God is good and I have complete confidence he will bring Caleb out of this in perfect health. Please keep posting. There are so many people praying for him and want to keep up with him.

  22. Billy Hutchens

    November 16th, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    After reading today’s update, I pulled into a parking lot near where I was working and tearfully prayed for your whole family.
    I am praying for your and your incredible wife. I am truly amazed at the dignity and grace with which the two of you have been able to face these trying circumstances. I cannot imagine that God could have given Caleb a better set of parents to help him through this very hard time in his young life. Although we have never met, I think about how honored I would be for the opportunity for my wife and myself to sit down to a meal with you and your wife when you are able to have your family back together at home just to thank you in some small way for how your example has helped me to grow as a father and as a person. I am thankful to God that children are blessed with parents like you two.
    I am praying for your sons that are still at home, especially Colby. He is old enough to realize that there has been a drastic change in his family life, and I am praying that God will provide him with the extra measure of comfort and courage that he is needing right now while he is missing his mommy and daddy and little brother and while he waits for the three of you to be able to come back home.
    And of course I am praying for little Caleb. It tears at my heart that one so small and innocent has had to suffer so much pain. As I read your comments about his diligence, his occasional frustration, and his amazing victories I am moved to tears nearly every time, and I ask God’s blessings more boldly for Caleb than I dare to ask them for myself. I tell God that I know that he has the ability to heal Caleb completely and I ask him to do that. I ask that he will have the pleasure of playing catch with his dad when he is a bit older. That he will have the ability to play team sports. I ask that he will walk in gown and tassel 16 years from now and graduate high school with the other kids his age. And I ask God that he will someday marry and start a family of his own, and that he will be the same kind of dad to his children that you are to him.
    I don’t really know how to end this note so I will just say in closing that your christian family at Lebanon Road loves you and we are praying for your family continually. May each day bring new reasons to rejoice for your family.

  23. Mark Large

    November 16th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Unrelenting love

  24. samantha

    November 16th, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    I am so thankful you keep your faith. We pray for caleb and hope that his story will bring hope to others. The bible says you have what you confess with you mouth. I’ve always been told you tell the drs and anyone who speaks negativity towards what we we pray for, like miracles, like the bad news side of things, to tell them “i’m not accepting that”. I heard a story one time about a man who’s wife was pregnant. The normal testings we take during pregnancy led to other tests and then the dr telling them, the baby wasnt going to make it or be severly retarded or deformed. The man immediately said, “we’re not receiving that” and guess what, the baby is perfect. A full term pregnancy, labor, birth, and life. Just keep speaking the good over him, all the time. Only report the good, and fight back at the devil who will try to creep back in, in any crack he can.

  25. Lanise Dominguez

    November 16th, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    We are so proud of you Caleb keep up the good work little man!!! We are still praying for you Caleb. There is not an update that I don’t read where I don’t end up crying over the joys of your progress. All I can say is What An Amazing And Awesome GOD We Have. We are looking forward to tonights update. Take care of yourselves Tiffany and Tim. We are praying also that you get to have your whole family together by the time Christmas comes.

  26. November 16th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    For weeks I have been a facebook follower and read your blog, for weeks I have prayed for your sweet Caleb. I have prayed for your WHOLE family, this is a whole family fight! You will all continue to be in my prayers. I am thankful each and every success you see!

    Amanda Smotherman

  27. Susan Gardner

    November 16th, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Praying for you all here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina! Love your updates.

  28. Nedra Wright

    November 16th, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    That is amazing news and I know in my heart that God will continue to bring all of Caleb’s movements and strength back. I am believing that he will be able to see and speak in no time at all.
    Thank you again for the update.

  29. Theresa Scantland

    November 16th, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    Tim just trying to see if I cant leave a message before I wrote to you and Tiffany

  30. Theresa Scantland

    November 16th, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Trying to see if this works before I summit a note to you and Tiffany.

    • Tim Brown

      November 16th, 2010 at 8:36 pm

      got your note, if you want to send something to me personally you can at browntm1 @ gmail .com thanks!

  31. Theresa Scantland

    November 16th, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I cried all the way thru your update tonight, I tell you the Lord has blessed Baby Caleb with two wonderful parents. And that little fellow sure has blessed us all. I knew when the prayers went out that our Lord would heal him, but he would do it in his time not ours.

    Baby Caleb doesn’t know how many people he has brought closer to the Lord or some back to the Lord. I know if I was a sinner and read Caleb Story about how it happen and what he has gone thru and how the prayers have saved his life and brought him to where he is today. Boy they would be on their hands and knees begging for forgiviness

    You know when Baby Caleb does those therapy lessons and tries so hard and makes it, I can just see the smile on his face and the praises from you and Tiffany,

    Dear Lord I Lift Baby Caleb up to you tonight for strength for his eye sight and movement of his arms and walking Lord Caleb is trying so hard and we know you have your Loving Arms around him and I Thank you and Lord Please put your Strong Arms around Caleb’s big brother Colby, he’s old enough to understand that dad, mom and Caleb is gone, and his home life is upside down now, Dear Lord just give him peace I Pray.
    In Your Sweet and Loving Name I Pray Amen

    Hope You Have A Good Night
    We Love You Baby Caleb

  32. Tina Cleek (Athens, TN)

    November 16th, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    All I can do is sit here and cry and thank God for just being in control ! Let go and let God ! I just told my husband that I was hurting so bad for you all. But I have to agree with you I think, NO! I know God has a mighty and I mean MIGHTY plan for all of you…

    Many prayers for you all!!!

  33. Kim Wheeler

    November 16th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    I am speachless… I want so much to be able to express my heartfelt emotions for your lovely family. I feel so much when I read your updates. My heart goes out to you all so much it hurts. I feel encourage by your faith, and I feel God telling me to spread the word about prayer for your sweet family. My husband and I have two wonderful little boys of our own. Our youngest, David, is just under three years old. Caleb reminds me so much of my little David. In fact, I was reading an update yesterday and David walked over to the computer, saw a picture of Caleb, and said “that’s David”. We are praying and will continue to pray for your family. I have spread the word at our church and tonight at my oldest son Robert’s basketball practice, I told more people and asked them to pass it along. Your prayer warriors are in full force and our hearts and love are with you all.

  34. Holly

    November 16th, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    I am extremely moved by your family’s story. I find my self completely overwhelmed by the love, faith and hope that you have for each other. Caleb is one of the most beautiful little boys that I have ever laid my eyes on and I am so drawn to him. Even with everything that has happened, I look at his photos and read your post, and I can’t believe how amazingly well he is pulling through it all. He has this incredible zest for life and I can’t help but to sob with joy everytime I read your updates. You and your wife have become my own personal heros. You were able to find joy, strength and courage in the darkest of hours. You held steadfast to your faith in God and never once doubted his ability to heal your family and sweet, sweet Caleb. You all have truely touched my soul. I will pray for little Caleb always. I also want to mention how extremely proud I am of your son Colby. He is such a brave little man. My heart aches for he and Caleb to be together again soon. You have raised an amazing young man.

  35. Fondra Magee

    November 16th, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Hi Tim,
    I am from Chattanooga husband and two boys moved to Coeur d Alene, Idaho 6 1/2 years ago as church planter missionaries….If you think of the most obscure place in the country, it would probably be Idaho…but, i want you to know, buddy…..that there are many people in Idaho praying for your Caleb EVERYDAY!! Whenever I see a 2 or 3 year old child (in the grocery store, in a car, etc)….God has prompted me to pray for Caleb……

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