Day 6 – Please Pass The Corn And Potatoes!

Caleb's Dad ~ 16th November 2010

It wasn’t that long ago when I remember each night was soaked in tears—where my wife and I would fall to the bed and hold each other crying, praying and asking God to let our son live.  It’s amazing that those nights were only a few short weeks ago, and now each night we go to bed happy, with smiles on our faces—giving high fives for all of Caleb’s accomplishments for the day.

We began the day with great news.  In Caleb’s speech therapy the therapist pushed Caleb to take bigger bites of apple sauce and apple juice to see if he would be ready to eat pureed food.  If he passed the test, then later that day he would be able to have his first real meal since before the accident.  The results of the test? He passed with flying colors…wanting more! Puree here we come…yum yum.

As you remember last night we celebrated the news that Caleb was ready to sit up on his own, demonstrating to us during his night play time that he was able to do so.  Today after speech therapy, Caleb dazzled us again, this time not only sitting up, but sitting up by himself for the entire 30 minutes of his therapy! He sat up and played with the toys that John put in front of him.  He used both hands to play—indicating that is left hand and arm is getting stronger.  He also demonstrated a little bit of classic Caleb attitude—shrugging his elbows back to make John stop trying to correct his posture J.  As my wife was mentioning earlier Caleb is all boy.  How do we know?  Because during the time that he was sitting up by himself, the toy that was sitting in front of him was a toy that has a little steering wheel, a gear shift, and a horn in the middle that goes “beep beep” when you push it.  As Caleb was playing with it and making the “engine” rev, you couldn’t help but see and laugh at the little Caleb happy smirk that he had on his face while he was “racing” his car.

After PT we were off to OT.  There were a number of exercises that he did, again focusing on his balance and strength.  One notable moment was when he was sitting on a tricycle–one that did not have the peddles.  It was cute to watch him because in his mind, any tricycle that is a tricycle is one that has peddles.  He lifted his leg up in anticipation of a peddle that was not there. To us it was another little indication that he was thinking things in his mind about experiences that he has had.

After about a 45 minute nap, we were off to speech therapy again. In speech therapy Caleb proved that his apatite was going to be a great means of recovery. On his pureed menu were some of his favorites…chicken, mashed potatoes and corn (shout out to Gang Gan on the corn). As each spoonful was lifted to Caleb’s mouth his eyes gleamed with excitement as he could not wait to get in each and every single bite.  Every now and then we could hear the occasional smacking of the lips or the slurping of the straw as Caleb downed his cuisine with a carton of fruit punch.  Caleb did so well that the therapist again wanted to push the boundaries so to speak and see if Caleb could tolerate a little chewing. She went over and grabbed a macaroni and cheese noodle, had him open his mouth, and squished it between his teeth at the back of his mouth.  Caleb started chewing away.  He knew exactly what to do. He ate it all down without coughing and without getting choked.  With that the therapist was impressed enough to go ahead and change his diet.  “This kid is ready to eat,” she said.  So she changed the orders and from now on, Caleb can have 3 pureed meals per day.  She also said that this is a good indication that he will not have to have his feeding tube one day, because he is going to continue to get better and better with his eating.

At physical therapy we had another moment wherein we were able to see the old Caleb come out a bit. As we entered into the main gym, we saw a large dog that was of a species that I had never seen before.  It looked like a large teddy bear with long shaggy brown fur…only with doggy paws.  Part of the therapy that they do here is they will often bring in animals for the children to see.  They asked if we would want them to bring this furry creature over to see Caleb while he was doing his physical therapy.  We hesitated at first.  If you know our Caleb you will know that he does not like dogs, unless you are talking about Kipper the Dog or Clifford the Dog—both of which are on animated cartoons that he loves, not in real life right in front of him!  The usual reaction that Caleb has is as follows.  First he sees the animal, and then he measures the animal out for a few moments.  Then his face turns red, and then without a word his face begins to scrunch up.  In silence he does this for a few seconds when the pressure is so much he then opens his mouth and lets out a huge yell, as tears fall down his face.  Needless to say under most circumstances we keep him away from dogs.

But again, that’s under most circumstances.  We decided to let them bring the dog over, for no other reason that sheer curiosity to see if he would have the same reaction—reason being we were told that often with brain injuries the child is not the same.  Often, they would say, children who suffer brain trauma will come out of it on the other side with a different fears, different likes, and different emotions and feelings about things.  Many will lose memory of past experiences.  This all played into our desire to know, how much of Caleb’s personality was affected?  The immediate test in front of us was to see if he would have the same aversion to dogs.  So the trainer brought the dog near, and as Caleb was sitting on his map, she brought him and had him lay at Caleb’s feet, near his lap as he was sitting Indian style.  The therapist moved Caleb’s hands over the dog, letting him feel his fur.  Caleb is still not able to see that well, and so at first, he had no idea what he was touching, plus the dog itself was turned with its back toward Caleb.  They then had the dog turn around and face Caleb.

Now bear in mind this is an animal (harmless by its demeanor) who was about 3 times the size of Caleb.  It playfully bowed its head toward Caleb’s lap and once it found Caleb’s hand it began licking it.  Caleb winced with a look of “Eww that is gross” on his face, again not really sure what was going on.  The dog then proceeded to give Caleb some quick kisses on his mouth.  As the dog was close to Caleb (within his line of sight that we are pretty sure he is able to see a little bit), what we saw was as follows:  First it became very apparent he saw the animal.  Then he measured the animal out for a few moments.  Then his face turned red.  And then without a word his face began to scrunch up.  And after a few seconds when the pressure was so much, he then opened his mouth and let out a huge yell, as tears fell down his face! We said, “Ok you can move the dog now.”  We were sad and happy all at the same time—sad to see him cry of course, but so so glad that he still reacted the same way.  He still had the same emotional connections, the same fears, the same reactions.  It was still our same little Caleb.

After a loving embrace by mom calmed him down, he began doing some more physical activity with Kristin.  She focused on him sitting up on his own, pulling up on a table, bracing himself properly, etc. And again, with everything he did great.  In the second part of his physical therapy, he was braced into a device that is aimed at keeping the individual in a standing upright position.  Caleb was strapped in such a way as to make him use effort to stand, while not giving him full range of motion to completely lose his bearing and fall. And here is the amazing part! He was able to stand in this device for over an hour! As his therapist said, his body is really getting strong day by day.  He’s doing great with his strength straining.

In music therapy, the notable thing for today was when Corey (his music therapist) came over singing to him with her guitar, he actually looked at her a few times.

This leads me to talk a moment about his sight.  God is so good! Just a couple of days ago I was going to his 7,500 member Facebook pages to request prayer for his eye sight, as he was not showing many signs of focusing or seeing anything.  I am glad to report tonight that today was a better day. He was not favoring his right side as much and he was catching with his eyes, people and things at times. I mentioned earlier about the dog and forgot to talk about a second time when we were able to see his little red face.  After the dog left and was being shown to another child just across the room from Caleb, Caleb had a moment where again he was able to fixate his gaze across from him.  And when he did, he again saw the dog.  I won’t go back through the steps that happened after that, but you get the point.  He definitely saw the dog!  We are so happy that at least for today he is able to see somewhat better.  I know we were told that his eye sight will come and go and that we will not know ultimately how it will be, but I have to believe that the progress we had today with his eyes was a direct result of the many many prayers that have and continue to be prayed on his behalf for his eye sight.

On another note, I have noticed something interesting that has been happening over the last few days.  Caleb has wanted to put everything in his mouth.  I gave him my cell phone (as he always like to see Daddy’s cell phone) and he immediately went to put it in his mouth.  He does the same with all the toys that we put in his hands.  Everything goes to his mouth.  This struck me as interesting because this is a normal behavior that babies have as they are beginning to interact with the world around them.  I asked the therapist about this, and my hunch was right.  In many ways Caleb has returned to a baby.  He is just learning to sit up on his own, just beginning to learn how to pull up on things.  He is again, learning how to control his mouth with eating, and move his lips for drinking. In the same way, he is also repeating the same behavior as a couple of years ago with putting everything in his mouth.  It’s just like a recent post I read from one of Caleb’s blog readers who had a child who had gone through a similar situation.  As she stated, he is going through being a baby again, in all the stages, only in fast forward. You have a strange mixed bag of emotions as you are witnessing these behaviors. It seems eerily reminiscent almost like déjà vu, to see your child doing these things again.  But now of course they are much bigger.  But on the other hand you also see them doing things that a 6 or 7 month old does not do, like walking the way he walks with assistance, or eating down large amounts of pureed food with ease!  So overall I am encouraged by what I am seeing.  He is making great progress.

So the evening progressed and after his last physical therapy I decided to have some daddy time with Caleb. I put him in his wheelchair and off we went. We first stopped by the cafeteria where dad knew of some amazing banana pudding.  I was curious to see how Caleb would react to this sweet treat.  Being that he was now officially on puree diet, I thought I would be the cool dad that I am J and give him a couple of bites of banana pudding.  Needless to say I got more reaction out of him with the pudding that all the therapists had got out of him with his puree food! I didn’t push it, and only gave him a few bites, but one humorous moment came when I placed the spoon in his hand and guided the spoon up to his mouth to let him feed a bite to himself.  I had given him the spoon in his left hand, as that’s the hand that we have been working the most with.  I discovered that proper motivation can go a long way in helping a person move muscles that they don’t normally like to move…because as I went to pull the spoon out of his hand after he had taken his bit, I almost didn’t get my spoon back! We had a little mini tug-a-war back and forth as I would try to retrieve my spoon and with each added amount of pulling, I was met with an equal amount of pulling on his end…from his left hand! That was funny and good to see all at the same time.  I thought to myself, “Now that’s my boy…little eater!”

Earlier, I had spotted a neat little fountain at the ground level, from a window where we had been doing music therapy. It was a 2 year old’s wonderland.  Tucked away between two large buildings (still part of the hospital) was a little secret garden with no one there…except us. As you walked in the first that that interests you is the two large circular fountains, the larger one raised at chest level in front of you, and the smaller one raised only a few inches above the ground at the far side of the garden. At the point where they are joined together they create a pleasant little waterfall.  The rocks positioned throughout the creation give a very natural feel.  Little stone frogs, lily pads, and dancing children decorate the pond with frivolity and movement.  This was the perfect place to spend time with my son…the perfect place to cuddle. I stopped his wheel chair in front of the wooden trellis and unbuckled his clasps.   The change in environment was enough to perk Caleb’s interest.  The wind blew through his hair, and I have to think that he caught at least some of the beauty of the sun as it was displaying its last glorious rays before hiding beneath the approaching eve.

As I picked up Caleb and brought him to my chest, it was clear that he was very tired.  He was not so much concerned about the beauty of the place where we were.  It was clear that all he wanted…was to be held.  He laid his head into my neck, snuggled deep, with is hand firmly placed and playfully stroking my cheek. We walked slowly over to the smaller fountain and sat down on the rock near the little waterfall. There I talked to him, told him how much I loved him, and playfully ticked him in order to see his bright smile. It was at that moment at God yet again blessed me with his grace by letting me hear a small glimpse of my son’s voice.  Immediately following a very quiet chuckle as he had just got through laughing from being tickled, he let out a little “uhhh” sound.  I said, “What! What did you say buddy?”  He returned to silence.  But oh how beautiful are the beginnings of that sweet little voice.  My prayer is that we will hear more of that voice in the days ahead.  We sat there on that rock until he seemed to tire, and then we made our way back up to our room.

When we returned we had dinner waiting on us.  On the menu was again Caleb’s favorites.  The only problem was, he was too tired to eat! After getting in a few bites, he slowly drifted off in his chair—exhausted from a full and hard day’s work with therapy.  So we laid him in his bed, and he was fast asleep.

We called and spoke to Colby to see how his day was and to tell him good night.  Colby talked with mommy for a while and then it was my turn.  “Hi dada!”  “Hey buddy how are you?”  “I’m good…hey dada, did you know I am coming to see you soon?”  “I sure did…I can’t wait to see you.” “Me too dada.  Do you have a surprise for me?” “Ummmm (thinking up something here), yeah…I sure do…but you’ll have to wait ‘cause I can’t tell you right now.”

“Ok…..Hey dada, I don’t want to ever go to Fall Creek Falls again.”  It is here my heart sinks.  “I know son.  But I want you to know, that the rock that fell, was because there were some people above us that accidently hit the rock and it fell, and when it fell, that’s when it hit Caleb. We don’t have to be afraid of going places where there are rocks.”  “Yeah…but dada I want to go somewhere where there are no rocks.” “Like where” I asked.  “Like the ocean! Where’s there’s lots of sand!”  I laughed.  “Well that’s true there are no rocks there.”

“But I do want to go camping again dada.” “You do?” I asked. “Yeah, I really liked camping, just…I don’t want to go to Fall Creek Falls.” 

I have had many such conversations with Colby since the accident.  He really seems to be fine most of the time when he is playing with his cousins and staying with his aunts.  But when he is with us on the weekends and talks to us at night on the phone, he will sometimes bring the incident back up. I know his little heart pains to be with us and I know that it is so hard for him to understand and grasp why his whole life came to a halt.  It is one of those things where you just don’t know what to do.  You want to be with your other children, but at the same time you have one child who needs most all of your attention.  Plus you have your own feelings and your own longings to be with them.  It is not easy to say the least.  But my heart is glad because we get to see them for Thanksgiving as his aunts and also some family friends are coming down for nearly a week!  We are so excited about that. Can’t wait!

As I end tonight’s post, earlier I mentioned a special prayer request for a little boy named Isaac.  Isaac and his family is our next door neighbor here in the hospital.  Their nightmare began sometime before ours and their son has not progressed near as much as ours has in his recovery. Isaac, who is 9, had been skating in a downstairs basement area when he lost control and fell head first into a metal support beam.  He injury caused bleeding in his brain, but no significant damage.  He later went home with everything seemingly fine.  About a month later the injuries to his brain bled, and then not long after they bled again, and when they bled the last time, it destroyed his brain.  The final injury left him unable to walk, speak, or “be” himself at all. He has undergone weeks of therapy and as of current, the hospital is about to send them home.  The way it works around here is insurance companies will only pay out their maximum benefit IF and only IF the patient is progressing in their recovery.  If they show no signs of progression for a set amount of time, they will no longer pay, and that is usually the end of the therapy for the patient.  We received worked that their last day will be next week.  And then they will go home, not with the vibrant full of life 9 year old they once had, but with a son that they will have to care for, for the rest of their life. There is still hope for sure, and they too, like us, are praying for full recovery.  And just as we have seen miracles with Caleb, I cannot be greedy or self centered and keep all your prayers for my son only. I ask that you keep a covenant of prayer for little Isaac as well.  Please partner with me for this sweet little boy.

The prayer concerns for Caleb tonight remain the same.  Please pray for his sight and speech to return. I would also ask that pray for his alertness and ability to interact with the world around him.  He still lives a very to himself quite life.  He is out of his coma, but he is still not as he was before.  He still has a long way to go, but we also pray that he “wakes up” completely and is able to mentally be able to function as before.

As for final words, I finally know what it feels like.  How many countless times have I been in the mall, at the grocery store, been at a park or some other public place, and there you see in a wheelchair, a special needs child being wheeled by a parent.  We all know the feeling don’t we?  The initial sight of seeing the child not being “normal,” of having eyes that are fixated to the right or to the left, having a mouth that is open with drool down their shirt.  We see their uncontrollable jerks and head movements.  We see their inability to talk, move, or interact in a way that is socially amenable…and we all think…”that is so sad” as we quickly remove our eyes from the child, not wanting the parent to think that we are staring.

I have to say I have seen that same look in the eyes of many many people in just the few days that we have been here, as I have wheeled my own son in a wheel chair. It is a strange, disconcerting feeling knowing that it is your own child who is being looked upon as the object of pity.  It really gives you a sense of respect for the parents who care for their special needs children. But I have to say that it has also changed my own outlook on how I interact with children whom I see in wheelchairs.  Instead of looking at the child and then quickly looking away so as to not cause the parent a feeling of discomfort or to think that I am staring, I have noticed that my first reaction now is to bend down, look at the child right in the face, even if their eyes are not on me, and say, “Hello and how are you today?” then look at their parent and say, “My what a beautiful little boy!” And as the parent walks away, I can tell it is a phrase that they do not hear very often.  But perhaps they should.  Perhaps they should.  Because I know that they are beautiful, just as my own son is beautiful, whether he is in a wheel chair or not.


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  1. Sherron Trimble

    November 17th, 2010 at 12:17 am

    I’m weeping and rejoicing! Rest assured…God has heard both Biblical names…Isaac and Caleb tonight…and continued pleas for the first child who was crying alone in the room near Caleb.

    • Barbara Whitney, St.Simons Island, GA

      November 17th, 2010 at 7:59 pm

      It is with tears in my eyes when I read of Caleb’s progress. I am Kristen’s grandmother (Caleb’s therapist). God has brought Caleb and Kristen together as a witness to those parents that are going through this same thing. God’s mercy and grace will be glorified through Caleb’s progress. i pray that Kristen and John will be able to bring your Caleb back to normal. I have every assurance that this will happen. May God bless you as you minister to those around you.

  2. Gayle Oliver

    November 17th, 2010 at 12:32 am

    Sending up prayers for Caleb, Colby, You, Tiffany, Issac and his family …

    God bless you … Your words center me …


  3. Holly

    November 17th, 2010 at 12:49 am

    I just can’t stop crying. I am so happy that Caleb is doing so well. I will continue to pray, but I will also being praying for Colby and Issac as well. I know that they need prayers just as much as Caleb. They are in my heart and on my mind. I am thinking of all of you.

  4. Lanise Dominguez

    November 17th, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Isaac is in our prayers. Him and his family. I am so glad to hear that Caleb is doing so good. I am glad that you will get time with the rest of you family for Thanksgiving. It will mean a lot to the boys to be with Mama and daddy and Caleb. I hope that You and Tiffany get some rest and not get sick from being to tired.

  5. November 17th, 2010 at 1:01 am

    I’m a fellow PSI Coordinator with Marcie and she first told me about what happened to Caleb. I’ve been following the story for quite some time now.

    My daughter spent a month in the NICU at Scottish Rite after she was born. The secret garden you describe is where my husband and I went several times when we just needed to get away. Your description of it took me right back to it – I could see the trees swaying, the water flowing, the koi, hear the water babbling with the hum of the traffic in the background. Use the garden. It is truly a gift to all the families at the hospital, meant for solace and respite. I am glad Caleb got to experience it.

    I will continue to pray for all of you. We too, had to leave a child behind with relatives when we were at Scottish Rite. It was very very difficult.

    Adding Isaac to my list of prayers.

    Lots of hugs and prayers to everyone,

  6. Shannon E. Daniels

    November 17th, 2010 at 2:55 am

    So, for the sake of both posterity and curiosity, would you mind addressing, in a daily post at some point, (a) the purpose of the glasses Caleb is wearing in some pictures and (b) why Scottish Rite over, for instance, Vanderbilt? Do they specialize in brain trauma? I figure there must be some exceptionally strong reason to be separated from your family: though, granted, you might have been overwhelmed with visitors! Also, do you have any stats from the run? I would feel selfish and apologetic for asking, but I know others must want to know, as well.

    Keeping you all in my heart and in my prayers!


    • Tim Brown

      November 17th, 2010 at 7:29 am

      Shannon, the glasses were mine….a little play time trick I used in the past to get my kids laughing. As far as Scottish Rite…this is one of the 3 best children’s rehab facilities in the nation. We found out that even Vanderbilt sends their brain trauma children here for rehab. As for the run, I know that there were over 300+ runners that day!

      Thanks Shannon for your love and thoughts and prayers.

  7. Debbie Roberts

    November 17th, 2010 at 3:42 am

    What a blessing to read the updates on little Caleb’s condition and hear about his daily progress! I know that keeping this “diary” is therapeutic for you as well. My husband recently had a near-death experience and spent nearly 3 wks in the hospital, 2 of those in a physician-induced semi-comatose state on a ventilator. I understand how your lives went from normal to horribly abnormal in a split second. Going through this will make you stronger as a family and as individuals. Praying for complete recovery for little Caleb and also Isaac! May GOD bless all of you richly!

  8. Bobbie

    November 17th, 2010 at 6:06 am

    Sending love and prayers to you all!

  9. Virginia Mason

    November 17th, 2010 at 6:24 am

    We started praying for Caleb as soon as we heard the story. Every day I read the post and cry just about all the way thru them. Thanks for letting all of us know about Issac. And also about the little child whose parents just dropped him off and left him there. We are sharing Caleb’s story with all we can. Children are truly a heritage from the Lord. We have seven grandchildren of our own, ranging from the age of 15 yrs. to 7 months old. Our three year old grandaughter also ask us to tell her the story about Caleb. She is a very sensitive little girl. She and her sister have also learned sign language like Caleb. We understand a parents love. My mother-in-law once said of her six children, the one she loves most is the one who needs her most at the time. I know it is difficult to be away from Colby, the baby and other family members, and I know God is giving you HIS strength to lean on during this trying time. Our prayers continue for the Brown family and for those they meet on this journey to Calebs recovery. And always To God be the Glory!

  10. Heather Centracchio

    November 17th, 2010 at 6:51 am

    I too am guilty of panic when I see children in wheel chairs….. just like you said don’t want to stare at them. But I guess to a parent trying to ignore their beautiful child is worse than acknowledging the obvious. I am so happy that you have shared this story. It gives me a whole new perspective on what to do in the future. But I pray that Caleb doesn’t need to be in his chair much longer anyways! I will also add Isaac to our prayer list. Our family and our Gallatin SDA Church are all praying for you! You may be inspired by all the love you are getting, but your situation inspires me more than you can possibly know or understand. ~ Thank you for allowing us to be part of this miracle in progress!

  11. Tammy Cagle

    November 17th, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Wow, This is great news for Caleb. He continues to amaze me with all he is doing. Prayers are being answered. Your post make my day. I am very excited about the things God has in store for your little man.
    I will continue to pray for Caleb and Issac as well. Thank you for telling us about this little boy.

  12. jerry & betty patterson, jackson, tn

    November 17th, 2010 at 7:30 am

    Praying for Isaac and Family, Caleb & Family,
    for the physicians & theraphists,
    And for GOD’S HEALING HAND to touch the children.

    The word Miracle remains in my vocabulary,
    for reason of a grand-child that had a malignant brain tumor when she was 6 yrs 11 days old.
    She is now 25 yrs old and is a teacher’s aide at Jackson Chrisitan School.

    If one doesn’t believe that GOD will intervene, Why ask HIM,
    Why Pray?


  13. Misty Swaney

    November 17th, 2010 at 7:30 am

    It is so good to hear the great news about Caleb recovering…It is so amazing!I keep him in my prayers and I hope for the best recovery for this little man!! He such a great little trooper!

  14. Dayna Sykes

    November 17th, 2010 at 8:01 am

    Tell Caleb that Brodie asks about him frequently- I believe he asks every day actually. It’s so great to get up in the mornings and read all of the great things God has done for Caleb each day. Make sure you guys are getting some rest. There are lots of sicknesses going around right now, so take care of yourselves too. God has his hands on Caleb and all those therapists too, so don’t overdo it. So glad you will have family there next week! That will be a good break for you guys. Love you both!!!

  15. Dana Knight, Monteagle, TN

    November 17th, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Every day there is better news & I praise God for what He’s doing and what He’s going to do. I pray for strength for you both as you go through this struggle…while you have to be absent from your other children also. I cannot imagine what it is truly like to be in your shoes but am empathetic & am praying for you daily. I was on my way to work this morning & was listening to the song that says “if we ever needed You, Lord, it’s now” and was thinking of Caleb & the whole family. There are thousands of people praying for you all & we are seeing a miracle in the making & are rejoicing with you. God is needed now & He’s showing out! :)
    Blessings to you!!

  16. Marilyn Brantley

    November 17th, 2010 at 9:46 am

    I am so thankful that little Caleb is making such good progress. Probably because he has so much “love” around him. We will definitely continue to remember him in our prayers. We also have him on our prayer list at church. Lots and lots of people are praying for him and lot of prayers have already been answered. Pray that the Lord will continue to give you and mommy the strength to continue with his therapy with him.
    In Christian Love, Marilyn Brantley (Pensacola, FL)

  17. Rose Carter

    November 17th, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Many prayers are being said for Caleb and Isaac in Hermitage, Tennessee. God bless all of you.

  18. regina

    November 17th, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    i just want to say thank u for keeping us updated on your beautiful little boy and that myself has a special needs child and i want you to know that it warms my heart to hear how u will relate to a special needs child now i just hope one day everyone can be more kind to our children than to look away as if there going to offend us as parents cause that is not the case know i am not in the same situation as yall are but i understand some of how yall are feeling and i will keep yall in my prayers and my heart and i will be praying for little Issac that they will both be wrapped in gods loving arms and healed may god bless you and your family <3

  19. Tammi Wyatt-King from Nolensville

    November 17th, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    What a beautiful God loving family! I am overwhelmed with pure joy and gratitude to Our Heavenly Father for his faithfulness. Caleb is special and God has plans for him! Thank you for your updates. I cannot wait to get home from work and read the most recent post. My family does not get fed until I have checked on Caleb! As always, sending up prayers for Caleb, the little one down the hall and now will add Isaac & his family. Blessings to you for a peaceful evening.

  20. Jennifer Kossowski in Griffin GA

    November 17th, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    I’m amazed at the progress Caleb is making. Miracles truly do happen in the kingdom of God! I’ll add Isaac to my prayers too. God never stops the blessings!

  21. Amber Bowles

    November 17th, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    aww he is the sweetest little boy.. i have grew to love him as my own,, i have a little boy who is 15 months & i see (caleb) in him alot just looking at (calebs) pics make me think alb my son (Ethan).. the day this all happen i feel the pain hard to just know that it can just happen with no warning & happen to the ones who did no wrong & thinking alb it could happen to (Ethan) anytime tears me up.. we have been praying for
    (caleb) & all of u.. we wish u all the luck in the world.. & thank u so much for letting all of us ppl u dont even kno be friend with u so we can have updates… god bless u all.. u are all in our prayers..

  22. Leesa Wright in Hixson Tn

    November 17th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Everytime I read this blog I am so ……I can’t even find the words for it! Caleb is doing so well so fast! I thought he would start to recover rapidly but my goodness! Praise God! He is a little fighter!
    I will still be in prayer for him and Isaac and spreading the word.
    I am also praying for Colby.

    Much love and BIG hugs
    The Wright family

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