It’s Time To Go Camping!

Caleb's Dad ~ 28th September 2013

2Update on Caleb: Hey everyone, I thought I would take some time and update you all on Caleb and some of the recent things that have been happening. We have some exciting news! Caleb had his vision evaluation recently and the news we got was shocking. The doctor told us that they believed that Caleb had regained just about all of his vision and that they were ready to give him a period away from vision therapy to see if he needed vision services any longer. So the plan is, we will do vision therapy with him for 2 more weeks, and then after that we will not do ANY vision therapy with him for 3 months. At the end of 3 months they will evaluate him again. If there have been no negative changes, then Caleb will officially be done with vision therapy!


We got much the same news when it came to physical therapy. Recently Vanderbilt let us know that Caleb will be evaluated after fall break and that, because he is doing so well, he will most likely start going only once every two weeks.

He still has occupational therapy which, more and more now looks like regular Kindergarten learning. I have written recently about the recent struggles in school. The differences between he and his peers in his Kindergarten class couldn’t be more obvious. But the kids have taken to Caleb and realize that he is different and needs a hand every now and then.


He exhibits some of the behaviors that the doctors warned us about, back at T.C. Thompson years ago, that he might have problems with higher learning, not understand people’s personal space and belongings, and overall struggle with social norms. He is learning and getting better every day, but while the other kids are learning their days of the week, Caleb likes to kick off his shoes, color, run around and sing kids Bible school songs. LOL.

He has his own personality and things he is interested in, for sure, but the struggle has been to get him to go along with the routine, something his teacher has expressed her concerns about with us.


On a brighter note, even though he is in regular Kindergarten really only for the social aspect, in his special-ed class, he is excelling every day. In that class, they will focus on one thing at a time, a color, or letter, and focus on it throughout the week. They take their time, and are way more paced and individualized for Caleb’s needs. It’s a far better environment, in my opinion. But as it is, he gets it half the week, while the other half is spent in the regular class.

For the rest of the family, this week has been rough as everyone has been sick. Currently as I write, Tiffany, Colby, and Chloe are all sick. Caleb is on the iPad (yes, he LOVES the iPad and listening to music on YouTube…think he is currently listening to Laura Berkner). Connor is chilling next to me as I write.

5I had to take some time and redo the book proposal as I was getting very little traction with literary agents. As I have said before, we me working two jobs now, finding time to work on the book has become next to impossible. We didn’t make mortgage this month, nor our utility bills, even with me working days, nights, and weekends. Times are tough! That said, I should have the newer proposal done in a few days and I plan to send it back out to about 100 literary agents. I had one guy who has represented several New York Times Best-sellers and he actually took the time to reach out to me and ASK me for the new one when I get it done. So good news there possibly.

Struggles aside, we couldn’t be more blessed spiritually. We seem to be in a really good rhythm as a family. No doubt the lighter amount of nightly therapy has eased the stress for the whole family as it has given us a little more playtime. Caleb loves playtime! God continues to reveal things to us, through the accident, through the lessons he taught us, and through so many new lessons that have come our way since then.


We were actually scheduled to go on our very first camping trip this weekend, since the accident. The boys have been asking me, and my wife and I decided that it was time…time to replace those old camping memories with new ones. And this time, with a new child to go along with us, Connor.  We are thinking that after everyone gets over their sickness (hopefully this week) we will go next weekend. We will see!

God bless you all and thank you for thinking of Caleb, for praying for him and our family, and for the others who’s prayer concerns we post on here.


094Would you consider adding Caleb to your church and personal prayer lists? Also a fund has been set up to help offset Caleb's ongoing medical expenses and related costs. Thank you for your love and support! Donations via PayPal can be made by clicking here: 


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