A Letter To All The Churches That Prayed For Caleb

Caleb's Dad ~ 4th October 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

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A Year Since Caleb’s Accident, RSVP, New Updates On The Browns, And An Update On Amani

Caleb's Dad ~ 3rd October 2011

Hey everyone.  As you all know our lives changes forever on October 16th, 2010. Ever since Caleb accident we have been on a journey, both inward as God has taught us an immense number of lessons about life, love, family, relationship, and about what it means to know God experientially! I wanted to take some time to post a longer update on Caleb (as well as our new nephew Amani). It has been so long since I have sat down and just written. I feel like you all are Caleb’s extended family now as we have all walked through some pretty incredible experiences together this last year. We have also been on a journey outward as we have had our eyes opened to a whole new world in the special needs community. God is very much at work in the places He’s always said we would find him, among the poor, the broken, the weak, and the forgotten. Wow has God taught us a lot about Himself!

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Time To Slow Down…Caleb Enters A New Phase Of Recovery

Caleb's Dad ~ 27th May 2011

Good morning everyone. I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to update you on some of the latest news that we have received with Caleb. The news at first was scary to us as it stoked up fears of things that we had been told very early on when Caleb was first injured. We have since learned however that what we had initially feared was not what the therapists were informing us about. After Caleb’s initial injury we were told that brain trauma patients follow a predicable path of recovery that generally has the patient seeing an increase in abilities, as the patient starts rehabilitation. This initial stage, as we were told, can be up to a year and this is the time when you will normally see the patient gain back some or a lot of what they lost rather quickly. After this stage comes another stage where things tend to slow down. The brain is unable to absorb and process the information like it used to and, because of the injury, tasks become gradually harder. Learning slows down and recovery at that point becomes more gradual.

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Caleb’s Story: A Timeline of News Accounts

Caleb's Dad ~ 16th March 2011

As you all know I am working hard on the manuscript for the upcoming book about Caleb’s journey and our journey of faith.  During my research I created a timeline of all the news stories to date that have been doen on Caleb.  I thought I would post those for you here.  Blessings!

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Caleb’s Eye Sight…New Direction For The Brown Family

Caleb's Dad ~ 24th February 2011

Some new updates.  Caleb did great with daddy-time therapy tonight.  I am trying hard to teach him colors.  He is having a hard time with that. He is learning how to walk backwards, jump, and pick up heavy objects and raise them over his head. He is tracking with his eyes further to the left which I am VERY excited about.  I can see him strain when his eyes get to a certain point.  But we have to keep working on it.

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