Caleb Continues To Baffle His Therapists

Caleb's Dad ~ 21st January 2011

This has been an exceptional last 2 weeks for Caleb.  We noticed over the last few days that Caleb’s whole demeanor has changed.  Tiffany and I noticed the other day that he was being very happy, animated, and acting overjoyed.  He would constantly clap, laugh, make loud noises and show signs of simply being elated with life.  We commented to each other that Caleb is becoming himself again.  This is exactly how he was before the accident. He could be doing anything, playing with toys, walking down the hallway, riding with mom in the stroller at the grocery store, and he would all of a sudden start clapping, laughing and saying, “Yaaaay!”  He has started doing that again!

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Caleb Is Featured In This Year’s “Miracle On 3rd Street” And Other Updates…

Caleb's Dad ~ 20th January 2011

Hey everyone.  I know the updates have been few and far in between.  We are just now, after being home since December 8th, beginning to get life settled into a routine that allows us to do things like sit down and write on Facebook or on Caleb’s web site.  I have started writing the book about Caleb and our’s journey and am really feeling called to tell his story to the world.  I am so thankful for all your prayers, love and support as we continue to work with Caleb’s recovery.

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Transcript Of Press Conference In Chattanooga

Caleb's Dad ~ 29th December 2010

Here is a transcript of what I said December 8th, 2010 at the press conference in Chattanooga. Blessings!

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Quick Note Regarding Caleb’s Updates…

Caleb's Dad ~ 6th December 2010

Hey everyone…as you know I have been trying to catch up on Caleb’s daily progress entries.  I had about 3 more to go, not including 1 for today.  We have worked all day getting things ready to go home, and after doing the interview with WTVF Channel 5 in Nashville, and working on the statement for the press conference Wednesday, I am going to retire and actually sleep some tonight. We have to be up and early in the morning as we go through out final discharge formalities, as well as be interviewed again by WKRN Channel 4 from Nashville.  I plan to finish these updates soon, probably in the next couple of days.

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Day 22 – On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!

Caleb's Dad ~ 2nd December 2010

Tiffany had been a little jealous that Caleb had said “dada” the other day.  We have always played a bit of a game with each other, as to what the first word of our child would be—whether mama or dada.

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